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todayMarch 24, 2020

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Cloud architecture and Implementation

SUDO provides a range of security mechanisms, including protected data transference, confidentiality, network tuning and application-level controls through a safe architecture that is scalable. A variety of protection protocols, including data transmission, encryption, network tuning, and application-level controls, are supported by SUDO via a stable, scalable architecture. How our file infrastructure [...]

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Security Testing

Cyber security + Services admin_sudop todayMarch 24, 2020 158

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Security Testing is a software testing that reveals vulnerabilities, dangers, chances in a system, and prevents malicious attacks from intruders.

Services offered:

  • Vulnerability Assessments

    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Web Application Scanning
    • Device Configuration Audits
  • Penetration Testing

    • Internal and External Testing
    • Application Penetration Testing
    • Wireless Auditing
  • Security Assurance

    • Source Code Review
    • Secure Build Development
    • Risk Assessment

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