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todayMarch 24, 2020

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Cloud architecture and Implementation

SUDO provides a range of security mechanisms, including protected data transference, confidentiality, network tuning and application-level controls through a safe architecture that is scalable. A variety of protection protocols, including data transmission, encryption, network tuning, and application-level controls, are supported by SUDO via a stable, scalable architecture. How our file infrastructure [...]

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Cyber security


Cyber security + Services admin_sudop / March 24, 2020

Incident Response

The threat of cybercrime is a new reality for businesses around the world. It’s not a matter of whether you’re going to be targeted, it’s a matter of when. Unfortunately, most organizations are not proactive in their approach to information security until they have been violated.  We help them reduce ...

Cyber security + Services admin_sudop / March 24, 2020

Risk and Compliance

Try Avoiding Risk. You’ll like it. Compliance advice built to perfection. ISO/IEC 27001: Organizations seeking ISO certification for ISO / IEC 27001 may turn to us for assistance and guidance. Our priority is on implementing measures for the management of knowledge assets around the Company. In alignment with the certification, ...

Cyber security + Services admin_sudop / March 24, 2020

Technology Architecture and Implementation

Advanced Threat Protection – ATP: Advanced Threat Protection or ATP a category of security solutions that defend against refined malware or hacking-based assaults focusing on sensitive information.   Application Security Development: Application security is the process of developing, adding, and testing security inside applications to forestall security vulnerabilities against dangers, ...

Cyber security + Services admin_sudop / March 24, 2020

Security Testing

Security Testing is a software testing that reveals vulnerabilities, dangers, chances in a system, and prevents malicious attacks from intruders. Services offered: Vulnerability Assessments Vulnerability Scanning Web Application Scanning Device Configuration Audits Penetration Testing Internal and External Testing Application Penetration Testing Wireless Auditing Security Assurance Source Code Review Secure Build ...

Cyber security + Services admin_sudop / March 24, 2020

Vulnerability assessments

Vulnerability Assessments give the user or the organization regular visibility of all the threats that exist on externally facing infrastructure and are exposed to the world and its associated risks that could lead to an information misfortune or data security rupture. Services offered: Vulnerability Scanning Network Vulnerability Scanning Website and ...

Cyber security + Services admin_sudop / March 24, 2020

Security Assessments

Sudo’s Vulnerability & Cyber Security Assessments provide a complete evaluation of existing and potential vulnerabilities within your organization with the end result of improving your security posture. The evaluations are designed to proactively identify and prevent the exploitation of any existing IT vulnerabilities. Our main objective is to identify cyber ...

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